United States to take part at the Sainte Devote Rugby Tournament

For the first time since its creation, a team from the United States will participate in the 9th edition of the Tournoi Sainte Devote Rugby which will take place Saturday, May 11, 2019, at the Stade Louis II in Monaco.

Organized by the Monegasque Rugby Federation with the support of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, the U12 Tournament will host 17 teams from 14 nations: Abu Dhabi (EFR), South Africa (LIV), Andorra (Federation), England (London) ), Dubai (APRSA), Spain (Barcelona), United States (USA West Rugby), France (Lucciana, Montpellier, Provence and Toulon), Georgia (Tbilisi), Mauritius (Mauritian Federation Selection), Italy (Imperia), Monaco, Switzerland (Vaudoise Association), Russia (Kaliningrad).

Another novelty of the 2019 edition, Abu Dhabi, Andorra, Spain and the United States will align teams composed of girls and boys.

The “Sainte Devote Challenge” – which bears the name of the Patron Saint of the Principality and Corsica – will be played between Lucciana and Monaco. In parallel with the competition, the “Tots Rugby”, introduction to the oval ball, will be aimed at children from 3 to 5 years old. Rugby for All will offer educational workshops and courses adapted to children and young adults from educational medical institutes with disabilities, for a fun introduction to rugby. They will be supervised by the members of the Monegasque Rugby Federation under 16 (U15 and U16), who wish to transmit to them their passion and the values ​​that this sport embodies. Monegasque specialised agencies and the neighbouring department will take an active part in this day.

The Sainte Devote Tournament aims to highlight the values ​​of rugby, dear to the Princess Charlene Foundation of Monaco, beyond the only sporting aspect. These meetings illustrate the team spirit and the notions of generosity, solidarity and respect that allow children to accept each other better and build themselves harmoniously alongside others.

The Monaco City Council, the Cuomo Foundations, Sancta Devota, Stavros Niarchos and the Orezza, Telis, Apave, Monépi Isolation, Multiprint and Shibuya Production organisations are partners in the event.

Admission is free.