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“Grace Kelly from Hollywood to Monaco” inaugurated in Macao

On May 15, the exhibition “Grace Kelly from Hollywood to Monaco” was inaugurated in the Galaxy Complex in Macao by Princess Charlene. Organized by the Grimaldi Forum and the Galaxy Foundation, this exceptional exhibition is an important step in bringing the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, the Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) and the Principality of Monaco closer together.

Commented by Thomas Fouilleron, Curator of the exhibition and Director of the Archives and the Library of the Prince’s Palace, this inaugural visit led by Princess Charlene was attended by several figures. Serge Telle, Minister of State, Catherine Fautrier, Ambassador of Monaco to the People’s Republic of China, Francis Lui, Vice-President of GEG, Sylvie Biancheri, Director General of the Grimaldi Forum, Vincent Vatrican, Director of the Audiovisual Institute of Monaco, and many government figures of Macao.

The exhibition, realized thanks to the loan of the collections of the Prince’s Palace, retraces the extraordinary destiny of Grace Kelly, at the same time actress and Princess of Monaco, but also the history of Monaco and in particular the creation of Monte-Carlo. It results from a combination of two previous exhibitions produced by the Grimaldi Forum: “The Grace Kelly Years” created in 2007, and “Princes and Princesses of Monaco, a European dynasty” created in 2018.


This is a first for the Galaxy Group which wished to present this exhibition within the framework of Art Macao, a cultural festival on the initiative of the Macao government. It demonstrates the group’s willingness to engage in the promotion of art and culture and thus diversify the leisure activities offered to its clients.

With this in mind, the Grimaldi Forum and Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) signed a cultural memorandum of understanding in Monaco last February. Already a sponsor of the cultural exchange with the Forbidden City of Beijing, Galaxy Entertainment Group wishes to rely on the know-how and experience of the Grimaldi Forum in the production of cultural exhibitions, both in terms of design, scenography than logistics implementation.

The Grimaldi Forum continues its policy of roaming exhibitions in China and welcomes the excellent relations initiated with a partner of the same quality as Galaxy.

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“Grace Kelly from Hollywood to Monaco” in Macau will last until August 28.

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