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The Sporting Summer Festival posts two more dates in its programming

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Electro band Clean Bandit and Russian singer Grigory Leps complete the program, marked by the arrival of Cirque du Soleil again. Between Sting, the Beach Boys, the Jackson brothers and Enrique Iglesias, Jean-Ren├ę Palacio wanted to add a touch “for the youth” in the programming of his Sporting Summer Festival 2019.

A desire translated by the announcement of the arrival of the British electro band Clean Bandit on August 8, under the bright sky of the very wise Hall of Stars. The next day, the Russian singer Grigory Leps will return, two after a first show in the Principality, for a loyal clientele of the SBM. Two last-minute adjustments in the dates.


At the same time, the Soci├ęt├ę des Bains de Mer relies heavily on the arrival of Cirque du Soleil for the second year in a row.


The Canadian troop, used to mega shows, will work like last year, a special show, adapted to the Hall of Stars, designed and realized for only five performances.

“This is a very interesting new product, which I think will surprise the public a lot” commented Jean-Ren├ę Palacio. He added that this production would be “completely different from last year’s”.

Indeed, “the Cirque du Soleil teams discovered the place last year, today they have a real knowledge of the room, there will be so many new features in the numbers”.

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The sets are being produced in Montreal. The teams should arrive in early August in the Principality.