The Princess Grace Hospital Travel Counselor is a consultation service open to anyone wishing to visit a country or area at risk of epidemics. This service invites them to take the necessary medical measures to avoid contracting a pathology during this trip.

It aims to provide general prevention advice, to offer preventive treatments for certain pathologies and to carry out compulsory or recommended vaccinations depending on the destination.

This consultation details the exact location of the trip or tour, its conditions, its duration as well as the traveller’s history and potential risk factors. On her return, she also supports any problems encountered during the stay.

Dr. Keita-Perse, Head of Epidemiology and Hospital Hygiene, provides advice on hygiene, nutrition and risk prevention on a daily basis. It dispenses medical prescriptions so that the journey takes place under the best possible conditions and is not spoiled by an “avoidable” pathology.

Before you go to a country or an area at risk of epidemics, if you want a comfortable trip, do not hesitate!