Award ceremony 2019 of the School of Fine Arts – Pavillon Bosio

On Wednesday, June 26, 2019, the award ceremony of the School of Fine Arts – Bosio Pavilion for the school year 2018-2019 took place. It was held in the Court of Honor of the Mayor of Monaco in the presence of MélanieAntoinette de Massy, the Mayor and members of the Communal Council, as well as representatives of the official authorities of the Principality.

In the opening, Françoise Gamerdinger, 3rd Deputy Mayor, Delegate to the ESAP-Bosio Pavilion until recently and who passes the torch to Jean-Marc Deoriti-Castellini, thanked the school’s teaching team for these years of collaboration.

Before announcing the 2019 winners with a personalized note and some stories for everyone, Isabelle Lombardot, Director of ESAP-Pavillon Bosio, pointed out that “students who leave today, diplomas in pocket, leave with strong skills, equipped with real technical know-how and theoretical knowledge, they will have embellished their crews many professional experiences, cultural trips and have tasted the strengths of teamwork.”

The 2019 results are once again excellent with 95.45% success for undergraduate and graduate students. Regarding the National Diploma of Art (Bac + 3), 13 candidates were received. 5 with the congratulations of the jury and 4 with mention. A student had even obtained the maximum score of 20/20. 8 candidates received the Higher National Diploma of Plastic Expression (Bac +5 worth master degree) of which 5 with the congratulations of the jury and 2 with mention.

As a reminder, the Jury of the DNA was presided over this year by Marie-Ange Guilleminot (artist) and was composed of Renaud Layrac (artist, professor of ESAP) and Boris Bergmann (writer, Flore Prize of high school students 2007, resident of the Villa Medicis in 2017/2018). The jury of the DNSEP, was chaired by Florian Gaité (art critic and researcher in Philosophy) and was composed of Renaud Layrac (artist, professor of ESAP), Guitemie Maldonado (art historian, professor art history at the Beaux-Arts in Paris), Lucy Orta (artist) and Abraham Poincheval (artist, teacher at ESA-Aix-en-Provence).

Young students deserving public workshops (drawing, ceramics …) were also rewarded during the evening.

In the wake of this awards ceremony, graduates of the DNSEP will exhibit their works in the Marcel Kroenlein room of the Exotic Garden of Monaco from June 28 to September 15 during an exhibition entitled “Landscapes borrowed”.