Outdoor theater at Fort Antoine starts tonight

Every Tuesday until August 6, the theatre of Fort Antoine offers an outdoor play. The kickoff is tonight at 9:30 pm with “Buffles”, a play by Pau Miró performed by Compagnie Arnica. And it’s free.

Art allows the expression of a multiple, nuanced world, a complex world, “said Marcel Proust in Le temps retrouvé. This is also what the Fort Antoine Theater wanted to present in this new summer season.

Until August 6, every Tuesday at 21:30, attend a play for free (reservation recommended) in the amphitheatre of the Avenue de la Quarantaine.

Presentation of the pieces:


The first performance to date, “Buffalo” of Pau Miró by the Arnica Company. In the form of a choir, this piece features a sibling of buffaloes. It is the question of sacrifices to achieve the balance of a group that is treated. How much should the collective interest outweigh the individual interest? Answer tonight.

Will succeed “Le Moche” on July 23, a grinding comedy by Marius Von Mayenburg on physical appearance. Through the character of Mr. Lette, an inventive but disgraceful engineer, a denunciation of the company that incenses the formatted beauty will be exposed. It’s time to shoot down some diktats.


The Skakespaerien character Malvolio will take place in the amphitheatre on July 30 to question the spectator’s experience. The piece Moi, Malvolio, written by Tim Crouch, allows a new interpretation of a Night of Kings.

The expression “to see one’s life pass before one’s eyes” never made as much sense as with “I steal” … and the rest I will say it to the shadows, a play by Jean-Christophe Dollé. The time of a fall, Richard Durn brings back to life what he lived thanks to an astonishing staging.

Inspired by the true story of the sequestration of Natasha Kamputsh, Stockholm by Solenn Denis deals even more than a news item. The play plays a great tragedy to address the small affective flaws of everyone who push us, despite ourselves, to be alternately the executioner or the victim, stuck in our Stockholm syndromes.

Information and reservations: info@theatrefortantoine.com or +377.