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The Handiplage has reopened for the summer on the beach of Larvotto

The first week sawtooth for the handiplage of Larvotto. If regulars continue to come, there is no crowd on the ordinarily crowded beach.

And for a good reason. Last week, one day after the inauguration of the season, an “organic pollution” of the water was observed, and the red flag hoisted. This was a result of “a mistake of human manipulation that led to the overflow of ‘an emptying of wastewater in the Larvotto rainwater collector’. But has this disrupted the activities of handiplage?

It is not these small worries that will come to taint the pleasure of Sergei and Renato, faithful to the site handiplage. “Polluted or not polluted, it’s the same. The water was already polluted before anyway,” said the latter in a burst of laughter.


Sami, handiplagist agrees. “Apart from Tuesday when the site was completely closed due to contamination, the extension works and water pollution does not change much. The regulars continue to come.”

But one of his colleagues observes, “there is a slight impact, the beach is emptier than in previous years, it chills people”.


Professionals are more worried about the summer of 2020 with the redevelopment work that will start next fall. The issue of beach accessibility is at the heart of the discussions.

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“It is especially for them that it bugs us. The restaurants have already received the indications, but for the beach and the handiplage we still do not know,” says Sami. The handiplagists can be reassured; the beaches will remain accessible to the public during the summer seasons.

As a reminder, the handiplages are chaperones present every day without interruption until September 1 to help the elderly and disabled to enjoy the water as everyone.

Completely free and open access, the sites are accessible until 16:30. Parasols, adapted chairs and “Tiralo”. Everything is done to make people feel as good as possible.

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