Digital technology applied to art: a new vision of master paintings

Some technological devices revolutionize the artistic visit. Thus offering the public exhibitions a new point of view – go digital. 

Barbaric terms that we could believe only in video games: gigapixel, augmented reality, etc. The digital technology brings with its new challenges, especially for communities, another way to discover things, even when it is about appreciating or decrypting works of art.

On occasion, perfect, of the exhibition Dali, a history of painting held at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, the use of these digital technologies accords with an important facet in the Salvador Dalí’s career: optical illusions and stereoscopic painting – when the size of the pictures juggles between the virtuoso of surrealism and virtual reality.


A crazy bet that opens the doors of surrealism, in every sense of the word! To apprehend the thoroughness of Dalí’s work and the richness of its landscapes, a technological device exploiting the ultra-high-definition image has been installed. The “gigapixel” set up in the exhibition thanks to the expertise of the Buzzing Light company and photographer Gilles Alonso.

Visitors have the opportunity to explore digitally and in very high quality two Dalí works:

  • “The Spectrum of Sex-Appeal” (1934), canvas
  • “The memory of the woman-child” (1929) which is a striking summary of the Dalinian iconography.

From a tactile interface, visitors discover the works in their smallest details, details difficult to see with the naked eye. As the images are explored, explanatory notes are located to reveal some of the secrets of the works.


The visit to the exhibition also ends with the screening of “Dreams of Dalí”, a virtual reality installation created by the Dalí museum in St Petersburg, Florida from the painting “Archaeological Reminiscence of the Angelus of Millet” painted by Dalí in 1935, an unexposed but significant painting of his surrealist period. Beyond the aesthetic wonder they provide, these fun experiences do not lose sight of their scientific interest. And also invite visitors to return to admire the original works of Dali with a new look.

Lovers of art and history, it’s time to enter the digital age artistically! The exhibition Dali, a history of painting, is from July 6 to September 8, 2019, at the Grimaldi Forum; the unreal opportunity to discover another form of reality through the paintings of the great master!