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Monaco commits against deforestation

The 2018 assessment of the Charter on the use and proper management of timber has been finalized. It is very positive with a response rate of 98%. For the record, this Charter is a part of the “Monaco commits against deforestation” operation. A partnership between the Prince’s Government, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the MC2D association and the IMEDD.

For the majority of the signatories, the Charter represents an anchor in a global approach to fight against deforestation (88%) and a consolidation of the responsible committee of the company (87%). 60% believe that joining the Charter is a way of differentiating from competitors and gaining new markets.

77% of wood user companies mention certification as a criterion of choice in their calls for tenders. This figure rises to 84% for the choice of furniture.


Also, the signatories have generally favoured the supply of wood and timber products via local channels.

This study also made it possible to evaluate the impact of the dematerialization of work and the computerization of data since, in this context, 46% of companies tend to reduce the use of paper.

In 2018, 13 signatories were awarded a trophy in three categories:

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  • Having obtained the maximum appreciation on the last two balance sheets: ES-KO, Gandelli house, Monaco City Hall, Rapid offset, Wood work, Graphic Service
  • For the best progress on the last two balance sheets: AGPR, Tourism and Congress Department, Dito, Hotel Métropole, SAM Tout Bois
  • For their most ambitious action plans: Grimaldi Forum and JB Pastor et fils.

Actions to fight against deforestation must be local and international because, as Valérie Davenet, Director of Environment tells:

“It is essential to protect forests in situ, but each of us can also act through choices made daily. For example, in our purchases of furniture or office supplies, it is important to look at the labels, to check the traceability of wood and wood products. Also to favour wood sourced from sustainably managed forests of local origin. Sorting, recycling, the choice of alternative solutions contribute to improving the quality of life of everyone and preserving biodiversity.

Deforestation has had impacts on biodiversity with the degradation and the loss of habitats. Along with climate change. And especially on the indigenous populations with the modification of their environment, the water cycle, crops and ancestral use of forests.

The Wood Charter and membership documents are available on the websites of the Prince’s Government, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and IMEDD.

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