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125 superyachts expected at Monaco Yacht Show

Photo Jean-François Ottonello
As preparations begin at Port Hercule, the Monaco Yacht Show, scheduled for September 25-28, will house 125 superyachts, 42 of which are world exclusive. 

The esplanade of the port Hercules begins a new moulting. An eternal recommencement according to the demonstrations which follow one another on this broadband of asphalt. For a handful of days, it is now the impressive logistics machine of Monaco Yacht Show who is hard at work to erect the facilities that will house the 580 exhibitors of this show dedicated to superyachts.

From 25 to 28 September, 125 superyachts will land in the port. Units with crazy measurements that must be returned to the shoehorn. “It’s a real Tetris,” admits Gaëlle Tallarida, General Manager of the Monaco Yacht Show, “We work with metered plans.”


And among the 42 world exclusives, the visitors will be able to see, even to visit if the bank account proves copiously garnished, a mastodon of the seas answering to the name of “TIS”.

A superyacht of 111 meters in length from the shipyard Lürssen in this year 2019. The biggest novelty ever exhibited in Monaco. Six bridges, nine rooms including a master suite, an elevator, a helipad, a cinema in the open air or a massage room. Not to mention the finishes and interior decoration — the ultimate in luxury.

By convincing the owners, whose identity is systematically and carefully kept secret, to leave their “babies” a few days for the show, the shipyards unveil their know-how in the hope of signing future constructions with potential buyers.

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At the Yacht Show, customers who have paid the tidy sum of €300 at the entrance are a little “market”. A caricature? Not that much. “These boats are made-to-measure, so here we find all the players in the yachting industry,” confirms Gaëlle Tallarida. “The buyer can consider equipping his boat with such decoration, such as furniture, such as satellite technology.”

Not to mention toys & tenders – literally toys and accessories – whose market has exploded in recent years. So much so that the organizers have expanded their exhibition space.

“If we look at the profile of owners and charterers of yachts, before, it was mostly people who were over 50. The market has now expanded with younger buyers, between 30 and 50 years, who are applicants for these tools,” analyzes Gaëlle Tallarida.

Everything is done, in any case, to pamper these potential buyers of yachts. The organizers want to be “facilitators, in all neutrality and without playing the intermediaries”.

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Thus, in recent years, have flourished a lot of quality services. Like the Sapphire Experience which includes “a concierge service, anticipation of appointments with the yachts they wish to visit, access to evenings to put them in contact with the professionals in the field.”

Or the Upper Deck Lounge, a luxury, restaurant and business exhibition space that will be on an additional floor this year. Without forgetting the highly confidential Monaco Yacht Summit, a conference cycle that allows future owners or hirers to apprehend the trends of superyachting, to collect the wise and objective opinions of experts of the environment. And this, to be better oriented during the final purchase.


As every year, the security device proves drastic. The Monaco Yacht Show is one of the flagship events of the Principality. Here’s what to remember:

Entrance control

Security guards, equipped with magnetometers, will carry out visual inspection of the bags and will open the jackets of each person wishing to access the salon. “On all the docks of the port, even those where we do not expose, security agents will check that the people who disembark have a badge,” says Gaëlle Tallarida, general manager of the Monaco Yacht Show. The organizers reserve the right to refuse access to any person who does not accept the security controls set up at the entrances to the show, even if they have a valid access badge.

Access to the Pool Road Access to the Pool

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The road will be permitted for deliveries only before 9:30 am and after 3:00 pm. Any vehicle wishing to access this route must first have sent the driver’s details and the license plate of the vehicle to the organizers by completing the form for the laissez-passer providers on the Exhibitor Area.

Maritime filtering

The safety control device will be renewed in the same way. A dam in the pass, between the Rainier-III wharf and the Lucciana jetty, will filter incoming and outgoing maritime flows. Only boats with a badge, containing the license plate number, which must imperatively be affixed to the ships in the most obvious way to the port side, are allowed to access the water. The port will be closed from 0h01 to 7h, each night of the show.

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Monaco Yacht Show. September 25th to 28th at Port Hercule.

From 11h to 19h30 (19h the last day).

Price: 280 euros online, 300 euros on site.

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