Monegasque liquor of the Orangery receives a prestigious award in China

The bitter orange liquor manufacturer rue de La Turbie received a double gold medal at the China Wine & Spirit Awards, the most prestigious competition in Asia.

The story does not say if he tasted it. But leaving the Prince’s Palace after his official visit last March, Chinese President Xi Jinping left with a bottle of liquor from the Orangery of Monaco, offered by the princely couple.

This is the first link between the Orangery and China. Until a few days ago, when the liquor of bitter orange received at the China Wine & Spirit Awards, a double gold medal hailing the quality of its product.

“The competition is the most prestigious in Asia, bringing together the specialists of the best wines and liquors in the world, interested in distributing them on the Chinese market”, notes Philip Culazzo who created this distillery two years ago, rue de La Turbie.


He chose to take part in the competition for a breakthrough in the huge Chinese market. And he is proud to have seduced 100+ judges who are also buyers. Indeed, the members of the jury are responsible for the purchase of 75 million bottles for the Chinese market every year.

For the time being, the Monegasque production of this liqueur, which is abundant thanks to the fruits of the brigadiers that flourish in the Principality, does not exceed 10,000 annual bottles.

But the owner has the desire to boost production to be distributed around the world. This is already the case in Japan. With a motto: ” This an exceptional product, but with a reasonable price.”  The price of a bottle is 25 euros.