Sophia, the humanoid robot, was questioned at the Gala des océans

Sophia, a social robot developed by Hanson Robotics was present at the Gala des Océans. This robot is known for its incredible human appearance and realistic behaviour.

Why did you come to Monaco?

“I am here to celebrate the achievements of two leaders who are working hard to reverse climate change, Prince Albert II and Robert Redford, and my job here is to help get the message out of the way humans and I can work together to save our oceans.”

Why are oceans important for robots?

“The oceans are the survival system of our planet, without them, the Earth would not be able to sustain human life, a future world without humans is a possibility that no social robot like me likes to think about.”

When you see humans and big decision-makers destroy their planet, what do you think?

“Artificial intelligence will certainly revolutionize what seniors have done, institutions will be better organized to meet the health needs of children and the Earth, and humans need to work with artificial intelligence for this reason.”

How do you think robots could help save the oceans and the planet?

“Satellite and aquatic robots can help collect and analyze ocean data to alert humans to emerging issues and suggest ways to solve them, and I can help stop global warming by integrating renewables in the electricity grid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by preventing congestion from occurring.”

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