From Marseille to Montpellier in less than 30 minutes: Franky Zapata will soon test his “flying car”

After crossing the Channel flyboard, the Marseillais launches a new challenge and develops a prototype of “flying car”. And the rather surreal gear is soon in focus.

The flying man built indeed a vehicle that will make the trip between Marseille and Lyon in one hour, more than 300km / h and toll-free!

I do not much prefer to talk about it, because all the creators of flying cars advance performances that they can not assure,” Franky Zapata said on Friday, during a presentation to the daily La Provence.

When it is finalized, my car will be able to reach Marseilles to Montpellier (120 kilometres) in one go in less than 30 minutes (300 km / h). At that moment, and it is soon, I’ll talk about it.

This moment should come “in the weeks to come. We had permission to do test flights,” Franky Zapata said in his workshop.