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For Prince Albert II, “Monaco has its place in the concert of nations”

During his interview for the National Day, Prince Albert II confided in the role of the principality in the world.

The year 2019 was marked by your many meetings with the leaders of the major Asian powers (China, India, Japan…). What do you remember about it?

This proves that Monaco, even as a small country, has its place in the community of nations and in the international community. It was a tremendous recognition, especially with the visit of the Chinese President to Monaco, of the Principality’s actions in the fields of the environment, health and education, and I note that our commitments are recognized.


What was the content of your exchanges with Xi Jinping?

The various Chinese presidents I have met have always told me that they are interested in forging links with all countries, whatever their size or means. There are always interests in building a bilateral relationship. Obviously, we have talked a lot about the environment and I believe that China, even though it is one of the most polluting countries, is determined to take a leadership role in the energy transition and decarbonization of its economy. It will take a number of years, but I think that this country has realized that it has reached such a point of pollution that public health problems are emerging.

All you need to know about the activities for the National Day

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Monaco hosted the 36th Ministerial Conference of the Francophonie. What is your assessment of this and what place will Monaco have in the future in the French-speaking world?

Monaco was one of the founding members of the OIF (Organisation internationale de la francophonie) in 1970. We hosted this Conference for the first time, which confirms our commitment to the Francophone family and its actions. We proposed the theme of reconciliation between humanity and the planet. States and governments were also able to discuss OIF at a key moment with its change of governance[Louise Mushikiwabo was appointed Secretary-General] and one year after the organization’s 15th anniversary in Tunis. I have received several testimonies from representatives of participating countries who have confirmed to me that the Monaco Conference was a great success. In the future, they are counting on the Principality to carry out various programmes and actions in the fields of education, culture and the environment.

Will Emmanuel Macron come to the Principality?
At the moment, no date is set. And before this possible official visit by President Macron, there will be a one-on-one meeting, followed by a lunch at the Élysée, at the end of November. The agenda has not yet been finalized, but the meeting will cover all the issues affecting Franco-Monegasque relations.

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