If the Internet and social networks have changed the way we consume, the world of online betting has given another dimension to the sport. Today, watching a sporting event requires a new gymnastics and the viewer has developed new habits.

You have this buddy who, during Benjamin Pavard’s incredible goal against Argentina at the 2018 World Cup, exploded twice with joy. The first time to celebrate the Stuttgart defender’s goal, who put the French team back in the game, the second time because he had put his faith in a lateral’s goal during the match. Especially since the odds of a right-handed man’s string were very high on the various online betting sites. For several years now, every sporting event, whether it is football, the NBA, baseball, tennis, poker or even handball, has been entitled to a second reading.

This one is no longer focused on pure and hard performance but the final result. Twitter sees screenshots of sports enthusiasts every week as they swing their multiple bets over the weekend. Some of them play about 15 matches, from Ligue 1 to the Turkish league and the Belgian D2, to multiply the odds and ask to win the bet which, sometimes when the planets line up, can reach several thousand euros. As with all games of chance, there are many contenders and few elected officials, but the emulation is there. Omnipresent.


As a result, some specialize in unlikely disciplines, such as darts or second-rate tennis tournaments, because it’s all about luck, discipline knowledge and boldness. Proof that sports betting has grown, specialized channels have developed (Winamax TV to name but a few), first-class sports clubs have joined forces with betting sites (the PSG is linked with Unibet, for example). Not to mention the star ambassadors of these new platforms such as Rafael Nadal and PokerStars. Sports betting has always been there, present in everyday life, especially in combat sports or racing; moreover, the PMU inscription remains one of the essential consumptions in the sector. However, the current standard includes platforms that combine poker and online sports betting, which is what a NetBet registration offers.


In the end, it was mainly the habits of viewers that were disrupted. Today we watch a sporting event differently because we can bet live. Sometimes, you can even find yourself with several bets placed on the same match. Who will be the first scorer, the last, the final gap, etc. And the odds are updated live according to the outcome of the match. A novelty that is very communicative since everyone is getting started, little by little. Previously reserved for a certain population, sports betting has become more democratic, web platforms are very easy to use.

The multiplication of sports channels and the explosion of TV rights in different fields have also made it possible to move into this era of instant and popular betting. Yes, it has an exciting side. As long as you know your limits.

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