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Robbery in Monaco: haul estimated at 3 million euros

The robber stayed for around 7 minutes in the Monaco Watch Company store.

A robbery took place on Wednesday, May 29, shortly after 11 am, when all the shops on boulevard des Moulins were open.

The surveillance camera footage shows an individual calmly entering the Monaco Watch Company premises. Disguised as an old man with a walking stick in his left hand, he takes a handgun out of his bag with his right hand and seems to threaten the shop assistant.


The woman handed over a large amount of valuable jewellery and watches to the robber. The total value of the stolen goods is still being assessed, but according to sources such as Monaco Matin, it could be as high as 3 million euros.

According to BFM Nice Côte d’Azur, the robber used a spray to cover his tracks, then escaped on a scooter parked further away, where an accomplice was waiting for him. They fled in the direction of Beausoleil.

The jewellery store employee was taken to the Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace. She was physically unharmed but badly shaken.

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The investigation is still ongoing. So far, no suspects have been apprehended.

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