French Riviera


Top 10 things to do on the French Riviera

The French Riviera. With its palm trees, three hundred days of sunshine a year and a sea so stunningly blue,...

PHOTOS. Brigitte Bardot’s former property near Cannes is for sale

The villa is nestled in the heights of Cannes, in Peymeinade, near the French Riviera. It is a majestic property...

COVID-19 and Nice Côte d’Azur Airport: what you need to know

Air traffic at Nice airport is picking up again with more than 80 destinations now available to fly to. All...

Discovering the 7000km of hiking in Alpes-Maritimes

The Alpes-Maritimes region is ideal for anyone who wants to discover the area, whether by motorbike, regular bicycle or even...

Here’s how French Riviera is luring tourists back

The Comité Régional de Tourisme (CRT) Côte d’Azur France, which previously released a budget of €2 million to support the...

France’s perfume capital seeks recognition for its original flowers and plants

Origin and authenticity. The two most essential features in French culture. It seems that Pays de Grasse may soon receive...

Cannes gets more involved in reducing plastic waste

A “zero plastic” plan was voted in on June 22nd in order to ban single-use plastic water bottles as well...

René Goscinny: the French Walt Disney

Although Asterix and Obelix is known worldwide, the creator of these beloved cartoons may not be as commonly known outside...

Why visiting Monaco in the spring is hard to beat

Draped in sunshine for most of the year, Monaco’s Mediterranean climate means there’s never really a bad time to explore...
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