For Kids

Augustin Vento Playground

On rue Augustin Vento, this 220m2 playground was created by the Department of Urban Amenities. The area has three separate playgrounds for children aged one to six years old.

Escape Game in Monaco

Players over the age of fourteen will be locked in one of the four available rooms and will have to escape within 60 minutes. How to get out? Solve a riddle. The pressure is on! Especially since the escape game...

Le Palais Playground

Located below the Princely Palace, this playground is themed around castles, knights and princesses. Spread over 358 m2 are sculptures, slides and a play house. This space is open to children aged over two.

Les Bougainvilliers

By the post office on Grimaldi Street, found on l’allée des Bougainvilliers, this playground offers 36 m2 of space for children. Not to mention the three spring games adapted for children with reduced mobility.

Les Moulins

On the left-hand side of Trocadero garden, you can find place des Moulins: a893 m2 windmill themed outdoor space. Accessible to children from one to ten years old, it is equipped with a swing, megaphones, spring games adapted for children...


Located in Antibes, Marineland is home to 40 different species and some 3,000 animals. The theme park was founded in 1970 and is one of the few sea parks in Europe where visitors can see orcas.

Ni Box

Discover a new approach to leisure and enjoy a unique experience. A creative and innovative space with contemporary architecture, this place is full of suprises and magic. All guests, children and adults alike, are able to enjoy bowling and various...

Place d’Armes Playground

Right on the Place d’Armes, the 86 m2 play area features a slide, a swing, and spring games. It is open to children aged one and over.

Playground at the Fontvieille shopping centre

Located in front of the Fontvieille shopping centre, this playground is 45m2 in size and is equipped with four games, suitable for children aged between two and eight years old. It is worth noting that there are spring games adapted...

Playground on the Promenade Honoré II

Near the end of the promenade Honoré II, this is a 188 m2 animal-themed playground. It has a balance game, a spring game adapted for children with reduced mobility and a “zebra” slide.

Pont la Rousse Playground

Between the Odeon Tower and the Boulevard d’Italie, this playground is located covers an area of 194 m2. Children as young as six months old can enjoy the educational games, a climbing game with slides, nets and the look-out points....

Princess Antoinette Park

The kindergarten is led by the City’s Animation Service. It offers families activities suitable for children and toddlers up to the age of nine. With games, swings, sand playgrounds, they will not know where to begin. Teenagers have not been...

Princess Caroline Outdoor Playground

Located at the bottom of rue Princesse Caroline, the firemen-themed playground features a fire engine and a spring game suitable for children with reduced mobility. This area is open to children over the age of two.

Skate Park

Located near the Fisherman’s car park, this playground is designed for scooters, rollerblades and skateboards. Covering 267 m2, children aged over eight will be able to enjoy skating around this space. Please note that it is compulsory to wear appropriate...

Square Costa Playground

Above the Costa car park is this 54m2 railway themed playground. It has playground equipment adapted for children with reduced mobility, as well as a small slide suitable for children over two years old.

The Donkey Garden

Between the Fontvielle School and the Louis II stadium, this 2 400 m2garden offers games and wooden sculptures for children aged between two and ten years old. It has five pieces of sports equipment, shaded spots for reading and sun...

The Fontvieille Big Top

Between the Big Top and the Princess Grace Rose Gardens in Fontvieille is this 634m2 circus-themed playarea. It is divided into two parts. The first is for children between six months and five years of age. It is equipped with...

Zoological Park

Clinging to the southern flank of the Rock, this park is home to 50 different species and more than 250 animals. None of them were bought. Instead, the zoo rescues abandoned animals. Some animals have been donated and others are...