Monaco Beausoleil Radiology Centre

Located at 5 avenue d’Alsace in Beausoleil, the centre is accessible via the Saint Dévote viaduct. Its up-to-date, modern and high-performance radiological equipment allows the user to benefit from the best technology, guaranteeing a reliable diagnosis. All patients are taken care of, including those with reduced mobility, children and babies. And the team makes sure that examinations are carried out as quickly as possible.

Doctors Lo Monaco, Normand and Watine are versatile radiologists, particularly competent in women’s imaging, emergency imaging and oncology imaging. They explain their findings to patients with clear, simple language. Thus, they can perform radiological check-ups, ultrasounds, and senological check-ups (mammograms, ultrasounds).

The centre is part of the Nice Europe Radiology group, renowned for its expertise in women’s imaging. This group has two other practices in the centre of Nice (Nice Europe and Nice Garnier) and one in St Martin du Var. This group of radiologists run a sector 1 pracice and accept the third party payer.