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Daniele Thompson

© Danièle Thompson

Madame Thompson, who was born in Monaco (1942) in the creative family of Gérard Oury and Jacqueline Roman, tried herself in different roles — from writer to film director. Almost immediately after her birth, the family had left the Principality. However, her story with Monaco was not over yet.

«In my childhood I often went there, says Danièle. We spent there every summer. Now I visit there from time to time, as my life partner is a resident of Monaco». The Principality of Monaco undoubtedly occupies an important part of the life of Danièle Thompson.

I saw my parents struggling, waiting for the phone call from the agent…

As the famous scriptwriter tells us: «I would say that there are four places where I feel at home. Paris, where I spend most of the time, Monaco, which occupies an important place in my life, because I was born there, Saint-Tropez and New York, where I have lived for 10 years».

Danièle Thompson tried law for a year before giving up and moving to New York with her mother in 1960. She took art history classes there and married Richard Thompson in 1962.

In a film, there is always room for laughter.

Initially a screenwriter in the 1970s to 1990s, she continued her career as a director in the 2000s. She wrote the screenplay for La Grande Vadrouille, Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob and La Boum.

She directed her first film in 1999, La Bûche, a family dramatic comedy. After directing several feature films, she became president of the feature film jury of the Beaune International Detective Film Festival in 2015. Other festivals came her way until 2019.

  • Scriptwriter, director
  • 3 January 1942
  • Monaco