Daylight Robbery

© Daylight Robbery

Alex and his motley group carry out an elaborate plan to steal millions of untraceable cash from The London Exchange Bank vaults.

Alex is behind an ambitious plan to steal millions in untraceable cash that is stacked in the underground vaults of the London Exchange Bank. Lucky, Matty, Terry, Chubby, Norman and Jay form an unlikely band of thieves. Creating an alibi, the gang register for a robbery and join the thousands of England fans taking part in the mass exodus to the World Cup tournament in Germany. Instead of going through the departure lounge, the gang head for the car park, pile into a van and head for central London where they carry out a spectacular raid on the London Exchange Bank, blocking all exits for those inside. But an unexpected turn of events hampers their plan from the start and they are faced with more than just a bank robbery. They have twenty hostages inside and the police have laid siege to the bank. They have two and a half hours before their plane leaves, and seventy million pounds in cash to steal. A daunting task, even for the most experienced Blagger!

  • 2008
  • Paris Leonti
  • English