Dr Amir Reza Khorsand

Doctor Amir Reza Khorsand specialises in cosmetic and anti-aging medicine for face and body. Thus, he is just as qualified as a specialist in facial rejuvenation, injectables and tensor threads. His patients therefore benefit from proven cosmetic treatments that fight against the signs of premature ageing of the face, neck and body.

On the face, neck and chest, the different procedures allow for the treatment of wrinkles, loss of volume, spots and skin slackening by injections of hyaluronic acid and Botox, aesthetic mesotherapy – Mesolift, Skinboosters, anti-ageing and anti-stain peels, medical facelift tensor threads. In addition to this, specific protocols are used to achieve a rejuvenated look and a spectacular improvement in complexion and skin texture. Certain areas such as the lips, cheekbones and temples are treated with volumising injections.

Concerning the treatment of flat, drooping, asymmetrical buttocks, there is a painless injection treatment of a hyaluronic acid specially designed for buttocks, lasting two years. It helps to avoid scars and side effects. In addition, it should be specified that the treatment will be global, and will aim to treat external flaws as well as possible internal issues linked to oxidative stress and eating disorders or deficiencies. In terms of physique, overweight and excess fat and cellulite are dealt with using external and internal treatments.