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Dr. Valerie Elmaleh

Located in Beausoleil, 300 metres from the Place du Casino de Monaco, Doctor Valérie Elmaleh, medical and surgical ophthalmologist, helps her patients with all their ophthalmological problems:

– Optical disorders (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia)
– Modifying contact lenses (soft, semi-rigid, scleral)
– Glaucoma
– Screening and monitoring of diabetic retinopathy
– Age-related macular degeneration
– Dry eye – blepharitis
– Allergic conjunctivitis
– Ocular Rosacea
– Cataract surgery
– Refractive surgery (correction of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia)

Specialising in ocular dryness, Doctor Elmaleh carries out a complete assessment of ocular dryness or other ocular surface diseases in order to establish a precise diagnosis and prescribe the most appropriate treatment. To achieve this, the practise has a Lipiview®, which can perform a complete analysis of the tear film, and several of the most up-to-date therapeutic devices Lipiflow® and/or Pulsed Light.

Member of the board of the French Society of Ophthalmologists Contact Lens Adapters, she also performs assessments and follow-up appointments for soft, semi-rigid and scleral contact lens adaptations. In additon, she provides orthokeratology adaptations (night wear lenses allowing correction of optical defects without correction during the day). All of these services are available Monday to Friday, from 9am-6.30pm.