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French Riviera Made Easy

© Andy Herbach

On the French Riviera, you’ll discover pastel-colored villas with red tile roofs looking down on the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Some come for the savory cuisine and wonderful wines, while others visit quiet villages to get away from it all. There are also some of the world’s best-preserved Roman ruins to see, and elegant seaside resorts where you can bask on sun-drenched beaches. You’ll be dazzled by fields of lavender, yellow sunflowers and bright red poppies under brilliant blue skies. Whatever your reasons to visit, there’s truly something for everyone on the French Riviera. Wherever you go, you’ll create colorful memories. You’ll have over 100 places of interest at your fingertips, with tips on cafés, restaurants, hotels, shops, outdoor markets, and where to sample great wines. This guide covers all the information you need to plan your trip without burdening you with a long list of options that simply aren’t worth your precious vacation time. Forget those large, bulky travel books. This handy little guide is all you need to make your visit enjoyable, memorable – and easy!

  • 2019
  • Andy Herbach
  • English