Grigor Dimitrov

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Grigor Dimitrov (Григор Димитров in Bulgarian), born on 16 May 1991 in Haskovo, is a Bulgarian professional tennis player. He is a member of the Bulgarian Davis Cup team.

He was trained at Patrick Mouratoglou’s academy, during his collaboration with the French coach, Dimitrov made his entry in the top 50 of the ATP ranking. He developed his game in Sweden with his former coach and was coached by Roger Rasheed.

Aspiring young players should never be compared to anyone else. I think they should have more air to breathe, and more time to discover themselves first. I learned that at my expense.

He went down in his country’s history as the first Bulgarian to win an ATP tournament since the beginning of the Open era. In 2017, he won his first Masters 1000 in Cincinnati and then the Masters at the end of the year.

Did you know?

Grigor Dimitrov is an all-round attacker whose game is suitable for all surfaces. He has a varied range of shots and a relaxed game, reminiscent of the Swiss player Roger Federer, to whom he is sometimes compared.

  • Tennis player
  • 16 May 1991
  • Bulgaria