Kory Tarpenning

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Kory Tarpenning, born February 27, 1962 in Portland, is an American pole vaulting athlete.

He won four U.S. championship titles: two outdoor titles in 1988 and 19891 and two indoor titles in 1991 and 1994. He took part in two consecutive Olympic Games where he reached tenth place in 1988 and finished at the foot of the podium in 1992, outstripping the number of trials by Spain’s Javier Garcia. He also finished second in the 1991 IAAF Grand Prix Final behind Soviet Sergei Bubka.

I have found a perfect balance in Monaco. It is a wonderful place to live with your family.

His personal best in the pole vault, set on July 21, 1988 in Indianapolis, is 5.89m.

Did you know?

After ending his sporting career, Tarpenning moved to Monaco. During his stay in Monaco, he participated in the opening of the Principality’s first Starbucks. In 2006, he took part in an expedition to the North Pole organised by Prince Albert II of Monaco.

  • Pole vaulter
  • 27 February 1962
  • United States