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Ocean’s Twelve

© Ocean's Twelve

It’s been three years since the “eleven” of Danny Ocean’s gang pulled off the historic heist of the three largest casinos in Las Vegas. Since then, they have scattered into the wilderness with the intention of leading an honest life.

Unfortunately, a mysterious French thief going by the name of François Toulour, also known as “The Night Fox”, eager to show that he is more talented than them, gives their names to Terry Benedict.

He gives them two weeks to pay back the money they stole from him plus interest ($197 million in a fortnight). To repay their debt, they must accept Toulour’s challenge, which takes them to Amsterdam, Rome, the Tonnara of Scopello in Sicily and Paris, where they set out to find the very first stock exchange security and a famous Fabergé egg.

  • 2004
  • Steven Soderbergh
  • English