Olga Taran

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Olga Taran is a founder and editor-in-chief of “HelloMonaco”, mother of three children and Ambassadorof “Change One Life” charitable foundation.

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Olga Taran is a journalist by profession. At the beginning of her career she worked in television and then she started to help her husband in his business in Russia and the United States.

When her family moved to Monaco, Olga returned to her original profession. She started with a Russian-language information site, followed by the English version, before publishing the first edition of Hello Monaco magazine.

Change One Life” was founded 8 years ago by her husband Vyacheslav, supported by his two best friends. In eight years, the foundation has filmed more than 49,000 videos, each of them depicting a child waiting for its future parents. Thanks to these video profiles, more than 18,000 children have found a home.

“Imagine, all these children who have left the orphanage to live in a house or a flat, in a real family with mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. We now have almost 10,000 people helping the Foundation”.

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