Pacific Monte-Carlo

© Pacific Monte Carlo

This restaurant, in luxurious shopping centre “Le Métropole” offers a menu of international dishes. It takes its name from the Pacific Ocean and all of its treasures. Indeed, dishes, flavours, produce and ingredients, are all taken from countries on the Pacific Ocean. On the menu you can find the following dishes: sashimi, tempura, fresh fish, exotic fruits, jalapeños, yuzu, quinoa, ceviche, avocado guacamole, tortillas, fine and crispy squid or beef wok with oyster sauce.

Visited by celebrities and jetsetters, the establishment exudes elegance and style. Located in the heart of the Riviera, of course a few local specialties are also on offer. You will find fresh truffles, olive oil, organic Provence vegetables and freshly caught fish. A real culinary adventure!