Pierre Ballerio – Osteopath

© Florian Vidot

A graduate from the Atman Osteopathy Centre since 2010, this doctor undertook five years of training in musculoskeletal, visceral and cranial osteopathy. Afterwards, he completed a further years’ training specialising in sport, and he obtained the first European Diploma in Osteopathy of Sport in 2011. During the same year, he learnt how to use “Imoove”, a revolutionary device using osteodynamics. All this learning was driven by a desire to help people understand the bodys’ power and ability to heal itself. Today, the osteopath is very mobile, visting patients at home, the workplace, in hotels or even at sporting events.

I look at the human body as a whole. Hence the importance of a thorough study of the history and origin of the pain in order to alleviate the symptom and understand its cause.