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Hi! I’m Tom, a student from the United Kingdom who loves all things travel! I created Travelling Tom out of my passion and desire to inspire and educate students and the working person about how to travel more and see the world!

Monaco is a European micronation located on the southeast coast of France. It is the second-smallest country in the world at 0.78 square miles and has a constitutional monarchy with Prince Albert II its leader.

Monaco has been presisded over by the House of Grimaldi since 1297 when Francois Grimaldi size the fortress of Monaco from a rival Italian faction. The only time it hasn’t been under their control since in when the rock wan annexed by France during the French Revolution, although the annexation was cut short with the abdication of Napoleon

Tourism drives the economy of Monaco as gamblers flock to the famous casino in Monte Carlo while every may the nation hosts the world’s most famous motor race – the Monaco Grand Prix. Monaco is also a major banking centre and closely guards the privacy of clients, while it doesn’t levy income tax on its residents.

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