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Monaco travel guide, including map of Monaco, top Monaco travel experiences, tips for travel in Monaco, plus where to shop in Monaco

After the Vatican, the principality of Monaco is the world’s smallest country. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in glitz and wealth per capita. Thanks to its status as a tax haven and its famous Monte Carlo Casino, this microstate on the French Riveria attracts the super rich and those who fancy glamming up for the day.

Whether you’re trying your luck on the dice, cruising round the port in a yacht or strutting your bikini on the Monte Carlo Beach Club’s artificial beach, it’s important to look the part and there are plenty of designer shops in Monte Carlo to help you do so.

People don’t come to Monaco to get back to nature – it’s the most urban country in the world with over 30,000 residents packed into a space no bigger than London’s Hyde Park. But if you do get fed up with people-watching and being watched, there are a few quiet, green spots hidden away.

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