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Great turnout for Prince Rainier III Centenary celebrations

rocher centenaire rainier iii
Over 12,500 people came to the Rock on Wednesday 31 May - © Communication Department / Stephane Danna

A bright, sunny day greeted the 12,500 Monegasques and residents who turned out for the celebrations on Wednesday 31 May. 21 cannon shots ‘fired off’ Prince Rainier III’s centenary festivities on the Rock in the early afternoon.


Traditional dances, music, song and artistic performances were featured during the festivities, paying tribute to Prince Rainier III, whose reign was the longest in the Principality’s history.

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A Prince who made a lasting impression on the residents who came to pay tribute to him with their rosettes and flags.

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“Prince Rainier III embodies a whole century”

centenaire rainier iii monaco
Prince Rainier III’s reign was the longest in the Principality’s history – © Communication Department / Stephane Danna 

“Prince Rainier III was the Builder Prince, he built everything we see today. He was a strong man, with a lot of character and strong values,” says Philippe, who has lived in the Principality for many years, and whose daughter Béa was thoroughly enjoying her candy floss.

Joséphine, a resident for the past 40 years, came with her grandson Charlie in a Centenary cap. She agrees: “Prince Rainier III was a very great man (…) The Princely family is Monaco’s greatest family, and we felt it was important to be here.”

Another Joséphine, who is a Monegasque national, said that Prince Rainier III “embodies a whole century, a whole era.”

centenaire rainier iii joseph josephine
Resident Joseph and Monegasque Joséphine say they were “honoured” to be in Monaco on this special day – © Paul Charoy / Monaco Tribune

“There are many, many memories from his reign,” adds her husband, Joseph. “Cars for a start. The Monaco Grand Prix and the magnificent Monegasque festivities. It’s a dream to be here!”

A major collective artwork in tribute to Prince Rainier III

Visitors also had the opportunity to visit, free of charge, the exhibition about the Builder Prince, in the Palace: “The Prince at Home”. A collection of photographs, videos and documents that retrace – not without emotion – the life of Prince Rainier III along with his family.

There was also a workshop, led by artist Mr OneTeas, with one hundred children (and adults) donning red smocks to create a collective work of art as a tribute to Prince Rainier III. Prince Albert, Princess Charlene, Princess Stephanie and the PrincelyTwins also took part in the project.

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The day ended with a helping of birthday cake, with the Princely family again, followed by a fireworks display.