Adam & Evil

© Adam & Evil

Adam is living the high life in Monaco. He’s a man that appears to have it all: the fancy apartment, the sports car, and the finest private wine collection in the world. When a local woman goes missing and the police do nothing about it, curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to investigate.

He finds himself embroiled in a dark world of traffickers who kidnap women and force them into prostitution throughout the Mediterranean. The police are too afraid to confront them and locals don’t even dare speak their name. Nobody has ever faced up to them.

Adam isn’t just anybody though. He’s lived through all of human history and has built up a set of skills that make him bad news for anyone he decides to take down.

As he wages a one man war against them, he realises he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Will Adam save the missing woman and take the traffickers down, or has he finally met his match?

  • 2017
  • Charlie Vincent
  • English