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For the Death of Me

© For the Death of Me

It’s summertime in Monaco. Oz Blackstone, now an international film star, is sitting on the verandah of his opulent villa—one of three homes—idly gazing at Roman Abramovitch’s luxury yacht as it slips into the harbor. Life doesn’t get much better than this. But somebody knows where Oz lives. A struggling author sweet-talks him into buying the movie rights to his latest novel for $50,000, and a shocking trap is laid. The demons from Oz’s past are gaining on him—blackmail and murder are lurking in the shadows. Oz travels all the way to Singapore to track down the owner of some incriminating photographs, but he’s in grave danger of over-exposure. And when organized crime muscles into the picture, Oz finds himself perilously close to losing a lot more than his wealth and reputation.

  • 2005
  • Quintin Jardine
  • English
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