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Aiva, Ericeira and Valters

© Aiva, Ericeira and Valters

Valters and I are great travel buddies because, in many ways, we are so alike. We are both drawn to natural beauty and places where lack of modern technology forces you to go outside and just be, we both can lay ourselves bare without much thought, and we both require a certain amount of spontaneous trips in our lives to keep us sane.

He never tells me my ideas are crazy or my dreams too big and by now, we have learned that by accepting who we are and what we love allows us to live our lives to the fullest. We have acknowledged our passion for travel and embraced the deep-rooted infatuation with surfing.

When it comes to travel, I just love how it disrupts everyday patterns of my life, how it mends fractures in my mind and in a way, makes me whole. A very long time ago, we decided to make a living, loving and travelling to the fullest our main priority. And we never looked back.

Our day trip from Nice to Monaco that is located on a Medeterenian coast and is entirely surrounded by France wasn’t really an impulsive idea. 

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