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© Condorman

Cartoonist Woody becomes the superhero he draws. Using his gadgets he helps a Soviet spy defect to the West.

Woody, an American cartoonist, works in Paris where he imagines the adventures of the superhero Condorman, but not before making sure that his character’s exploits are realistic. He did not hesitate to throw himself off the Eiffel Tower in his Condorman costume before ending up in the Seine.

When his friend Harry, who works for the CIA, needs to hire an American civilian to deliver documents to Istanbul, he calls on Woody. Woody accepts and carries out his mission with vigour, posing as a secret agent operating under the name “Condorman”. He meets the beautiful Natalia, a Russian spy, who soon reveals Condorman’s existence to the KGB.

Back in Paris, Woody is given a new mission: to help a Russian agent cross over to the West. At first he refuses out of fear of danger, but then he changes his mind when he learns that the agent is none other than Natalia.

  • 1981
  • Charles Jarrott
  • English