Professor Hacène Gaid

His office is located at the Private Haemodialysis Centre of Monaco, near the port of Fontvieille. The nephrologist is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of all kidney diseases (called nephropathies), which affect the filtration of blood: the kidneys’ primary function. He can help patients with the most basic and early symptoms (such as blood or protein in the urine) as well as those showing more seriosu symptoms i.e chronic kidney failure.

However, the practitioner does not take patients under the age of eighteen and his practice is in sector 2, so the carte vitale is not accepted. In addition, he is able to provide consultations in French, English and Arabic. In 1987, the health professional obtained a State Diploma of Doctor of Medicine from the University of Medical and Technological Sciences in Algiers. He then trained as a Nephrologist at the Faculty of Marseille Aix 2 in 1994. Doctor Hacène Gaid is also a member of the Francophone Society of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation.