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Elena Baranova

© Elena Baranova

Elena Baranova is President of the European Institute for Personalized Prevention and Health in Monaco and is the creator of the Baranova Monaco brand.

Named Haute Couture Prevention it is known for its different approach to beauty and health. It specialises in anti-ageing with its products acting directly on genes. Quantum genomics is at the heart of its research: as much present in the formulation of its products as in the writing of its books. Indeed, she is the author of numerous scientific publications as well as three medical books. Following her success, she was invited by the Mon├ęgasque government.

I would like to promote a totally new concept, where the consumption of our products is associated with Pleasure, Beauty and Health every time a box is opened and a capsule is touched. Feel privileged, feel different, feel powerful – Turn the energy in your genes into the energy of your life!

His institute in Monaco offers programmes to combat ageing (VIP Life Programme, Intensive Renaissance, Exclusive Renaissance, Interpretation of genes, Functional Biology Consultations…). The elegance she shows is also found in the design of her products. In France, she has created the first inter-university diploma in predictive medicine.

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