Mondial du Théâtre

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Also known as the “International Amateur Theatre Festival” or “World Amateur Theatre Festival”, this event takes place in the Principality every four years.

It is an event that was created by the Studio de Monaco in 1957. Since that date, the Mondial du Théâtre has been under the High Patronage of the Sovereign Prince and receives help and support from the Princely Government of Monaco. That same year, amateur theatre enthusiasts – including brothers Guy and Max Brousse, René Cellario and Jean Ratti – decided, with the support of the Monégasque government, to help the fledgling International Association of Amateur Theatre. They therefore organised the International Amateur Theatre Festival of Monaco. ,which was initially comprised of 12 european acts.

The Studio de Monaco, National Centre of AITA/IATA, supported by the Monégasque authorities, now organises, every four years, in the Principality, an international festival and the official AITA/IATA Congress. From twelve participating acts in 1957, to twenty in the 1970s, the Festival reached its peak in 1997 with 24 acts invited from across five continents. That same year, the Festival became a showcase for amateur theatre worldwide and was given the title of “Mondial du Théâtre”.

During these years, the Mondial du Théâtre expanded its activities by inaugurating Colloquia and Workshops. The Colloques are a place for critics, directors, actors and the public to discuss the shows they watched the previous day. As for the workshops, they provide internationally recognised specialists with an opportunity to share their know-how with all participants and the public. Today, the Mondial du Théâtre continue to promote their key initiatives: confrontation, exchange and teaching.