Monte-Carlo Medical Analysis Laboratory

The establishment was founded in Monaco in 1985. Formerly Laboratoire d’Analyses Médicales Reynaud, it changed its name and legal form in 2003, becoming SAM Laboratoire d’Analyses Médicales de la Condamine. In 2013, the merger with the SAM Laboratoire d’Analyses Médicales de Monte-Carlo gave birth to the current structure, which includes a technical platform and four sampling sites spread over Monaco.

Today, the laboratory uses only reference techniques and its activity is focused on current medical biology analyses in: biochemistry, immuno-enzymology, haematology, haemostasis, serology, bacteriology, mycology and parasitology. Its multidisciplinary team takes care of the medical analysis of the patients. Thus, biologists, nurses, laboratory technicians, medical secretaries, couriers, maintenance staff, quality, metrology, IT and technical managers work hand in hand in order to offer the best possible service.