This restaurant specialises in organic and vegan gastronomy, with healthy and colourful dishes. L’Inattendu(e) opened in May 2014 with 100% home cooking and offers 90% vegetarian, vegan, and often lactose and gluten free dishes. Madeleine Badia, who runs the establishment, was inspired by the principle of “raw food”, which she discovered in Belgium, which involves serving raw products or gentle cooking food.

Among the products used in the restaurant’s kitchen are fruits and vegetables either grown in Madeleine’s garden in the Var region or purchased from organic farmers in the hinterland of Nice. These fruits and vegetables are also available in a vitamin basket that can be ordered at L’Inattendu(e).

Very conscious of the environment, the chefs respect its commitments to our planet and the employees here are taught about the ways in which they can be more eco-friendly.