Lisa Selesner

© Lisa Selesner

Lisa, who was born in Monaco, did not stay long in the Principality. Together with her family she moved to the United States, her mother’s country.

She grew up in New York and was spotted to become a model at the age of 14. She became a supermodel in Hong Kong and appeared in several commercials for Citibank, De Beers Diamonds and Olay Skincare.

She shortened her last name Selesner to S because, she says, after moving to Hong Kong in 2000, “nobody could pronounce it”.

I would give up my first born for a pair of nice shoes

A great lover of travel, she has also hosted a television programme in Hong Kong. She has appeared in three films produced in China.

In 2010 Lisa married Daniel Wu in South Africa.

She is the founder of the monthly subscription “Glamabox” which is available in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

  • Model, actress
  • 26 May 1978
  • Monaco