Martini Boucherie

This artisan butcher offers sandwiches made from his own products at the covered market in La Condamine. The concept was born in 1929 in Boves in the province of Cuneo. It has grown over the years thanks to the work of Marco Martini. He has passionately continued the family tradition, following in the footsteps of his father Michele and his grandfather Tommaso. Today, the company now has its own CE-approved slaughterhouse, a laboratory that produces high quality meat and an innovative and modern sales outlet.

In the butcher’s shop you can find “UNICA”, meat from 12 month old Fassone calves, born in Piedmontese stables, fed with natural products and traditional methods in order to obtain a tender meat with a delicate taste and a pink colour. All this is done under the supervision of Marco Martini, who controls the entire supply chain. For your information, Martini Boucherie feeds its calves exclusively with the highest quality NO GMO certified cereals, preferring more digestible flakes, accompanied by good hay rye, which is always available to the animal. A balanced diet for a unique meat.