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Matéo Mornar

© Matéo Mornar

Matéo is a French sculptor of Croatian origin. Today he lives and works in Monaco. In the 80s, the sculptor met the Princely family of Monaco. Prince Rainier III praised the work of Matéo, regularly visiting the exhibitions of the artist.

At the end of the 1980s, he designed his first sculptures after meeting the artist Antoniucci Volti in Villefranche-sur-Mer.

Passionate about his work, he is always creating and constantly looking for novelty, beauty, purity, and truth.

Since 2009, Matéo has been actively collaborating with Prince Albert II. He regularly donates part of the proceeds from his works’ sales to the Prince’s foundation. Some of Matéo’s creations can be found on the streets of Monaco and Nice. His sculpture «The Hymn of Life» is actually located in La Condamine. Also, Mornar created a monument called «La Stèle du souvenir» and installed it in Nice. Moreover, the legendary Hotel Negresco acquired one of his most famous works, the bronze sculpture «Récréation» weighing 250 kilograms. Croatian-born Mornar studied at the École supérieure des arts modernes in Paris. Working for many years as a freelancer in interior design and graphics, a project brought him to the French Riviera in 1977, where he decided to settle. It is in 1995 that sculpture became Mornar’s primary focus. In 1997, he opened a sculpture school in Nice, hoping to introduce more people to the art.

Since 2009, Mornar has collaborated many times with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation on projects which focus on preserving the environment. Mornar created a silver sculpture representing Prince Albert II and Charlène of Monaco for the 2011 princely wedding, as well as bronze replicas to decorate the wedding cakes. His artwork is exhibited across the Principality’s gardens.

  • Sculptor
  • 20 December 1946
  • Croatia