Ministry of Health and Social Affairs

© Christophe Robino, Conseiller-Ministre des Affaires Sociales et de la Santé. ©Manuel Vitali / Direction de la Communication

Led by the Government Counsellor, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs is in charge of conducting public policies in the following areas:

  • Employment
  • Labour relations
  • Occupational medicine
  • Social security insurance in the private and public sectors
  • Public Health
  • Social services
  • The family, the elderly and the disabled

Through work carried out daily by:

  • The Department of Employment
  • The Department of Health Affairs
  • The Department of Social Welfare and Social Services
  • The State Medical Benefits Office
  • The Secretariat of the Employment Tribunal

As for public institutions, the Ministry is in charge of:

  • The Princess Grace Hospital Centre
  • The Social Protection Unit

It is also the responsibility of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs to ensure international agreements concerning social protection are monitored and developed, in particular bilateral social security agreements with France and Italy.