Monte-Carlo Polo Cup

Launched for the first time in 2013, this international competition lasts four days. The competition takes place in a luxurious private property, located on the summit of the Rock.

Francesco Mitrano, founder and President of the Monégasque Polo Federation and a Monégasque resident, founded the Monte-Carlo Polo Club in 2012; the first club dedicated to the sport in the Principality, and then launched the first edition of the Monte-Carlo Polo Cup; an international tournament. The tournament combines both sports performances and social events, dedicated to different organisations and foundations such as Princess Charlène’s. The opening ceremony consists of a parade of horses in the Place du Casino. This sets the tone for the rest of the event.

Furthermore, with the approval of the Monégasque authorities, Francesco Mitrano has strengthened Polo’s position within the Monégasque community by creating the “Polo Federation of the Principality of Monaco.” Year after year, since the launch of the Monto Carlo Polo Club and the Monte Carlo Polo Cup in 2012, the event has gained in popularity. Indeed, there are high-profile guests such as: ministers, ambassadors, foreign dignitaries, distinguished guests of sponsors, patrons, committees and members of the Monte Carlo Polo Club. Leading businessmen/women, social personalities and celebrities are also present.