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Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology

© Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology

The Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology was founded by Prince Albert I in 1902 in order to conserve the remains of primitive humanities found in the Principality and surrounding areas.

Established within the Exotic Garden by Prince Rainier III in 1959, this building is the work of the Monégasque architect Louis Rué. The collections on display enable visitors to retrace the major stages in the evolution of mankind through the ice and interglacial periods. They teach us that more than a million years ago, the Côte d’Azur was already an advantageous for our distant ancestors to live.

As a research institute, the Museum carries out field excavations, laboratory studies and publishes an annual scientific bulletin. Its team is attached to the Principality’s Government and is supported by an International Scientific Committee. Erected in the heart of Monaco’s Exotic Garden, next to the Observatory Cave and the new Villa Paloma National Museum, the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology of Monaco is the oldest scientific institution in Monaco. An institution founded by Prince Albert I of Monaco in 1902 and whose collections include a skeleton of a Siberian mammoth.