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Ok Connery

© Ok Connery

The civilian brother of Britain’s best secret agent must use his skills in plastic surgery, hypnotism, and lip-reading to prevent a crime syndicate from using a magnetic wave generator in their bid for world domination. The Italian parody actually stars Neil Connery, Sean Connery’s real-life younger brother.

When a legendary British Secret Service (SIS) agent is murdered, another agent, Miss Maxwell (Lois Maxwell), is sent to find his girlfriend, Miss Yashuko (Yashuko Yama), who unwittingly holds valuable information. Maxwell discovers that Yashuko is in the care of Dr. Neil Connery, a plastic surgeon who uses hypnotism in his practice. Yashuko is abducted at a medical conference in Monte Carlo by Maya Rafis (Daniela Bianchi), as part of a plot by Mr. Thayer (Adolfo Celi), codenamed Beta, of the terrorist organization THANATOS. Secret Service Commander Cunningham (Bernard Lee) instructs Connery to find Miss Yashuko.

  • 1967
  • Alberto De Martino
  • French