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One Billion for a Blonde

© One Billion for a Blonde

An attractive blonde named Desiree Charrier (Analía Gadé) pulls off a jewel heist unprecedented in the history of crime, to a value of no less than a billion. All the skill and coolness of the beautiful lady was needed to carry out the plan drawn up by the enigmatic Decker. From then on, problems arise.

Stephen plays Leon Urrutia, a somewhat shady high-end jeweller who falls for one of his own tricks and is robbed. French actor Jean Sorel is the policeman who tries to find Gadé. Espartaco Santoni plays an eccentric doctor who is also involved in these escapades. All the characters eventually join forces to create their own jewel robbery ring.

The film was shot in 1972 in various locations in Europe, including Madrid, Geneva and Nice. It was directed and written by Pedro Lazaga, who has an extensive filmography of Spanish films.

  • 1973
  • Pedro Lazaga
  • Italian
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